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Startup Idea #8: YouTube dubbing and market entry consultancy

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Idea: YouTuber translation, and market entry consultancy. Partnering with YouTube channels such as MrWhoseTheBoss to dub their videos into Spanish, tweaking the content to better match the local markets.

Problem: Less than 400 million people speak English natively. Most non-native speakers don't have access to the high-budget YouTube channels that have started to dominate the English-speaking internet.

Insight: MrBeast en Español is one of the fastest growing channels in the world. MrBeast has the money and the foresight to tap into the Spanish speaking market. Unfortunately, for smaller influencers script transcription, translation, and voice acting are not as accessible for every single video.

Validation method: This may be one of the hardest businesses to validate. Your targets are publicly known and their email addresses are quite visible. So you'll need to cold email every single YouTuber with over 10 million subscribers offering to translate their videos into Spanish at $2,000/video. You'll need to test what price appetite they have, and how to 'hook them', but should get a few replies. From there, work with a few Colombian translators (apparently their Spanish is the most neutral and easy to understand, and they would have a lower cost) to manually translate a few videos.

Notes: Eventually you should be able to automate a lot of this business. Voice to text is already getting more solid, so you'd need to extract the AI-generated video transcript, then use an AI-driven translation service to translate the transcript to Spanish. Then have three translators check for accuracy, fluency, and local appropriateness. Finally, you would be able to hire some local voice talent, at a reasonably cheap rate. The final piece that you can provide is Spanish brand deals per video.

Why am I doing this? I’m an innovation consultant who helps businesses build new products, and ventures. And I want people to see how easy it is to build, and validate an initial business idea. Hopefully inspiring them to start their own business.

Am I worried that people will take the ideas? I hope they do. These ideas will hopefully make the world a better place. Just remember, “Ideas are cheap. Execution is everything”. What’s most likely is that within a month of testing the idea, the idea would have completely pivoted, but this is a starting point.


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