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we believe that innovation is the most powerful force for positive change in our world

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entrepreneurs, passionate about innovation

We have had our own skin in the game since our first startups, and have figured out what works, and what does not. We also strongly believe that the majority of world changing innovations actually happen at corporations, rather than startups. We are passionate about unlocking the innovative potential of those who are crazy enough to try.

We are a boutique innovation agency founded by active entrepreneurs and startup founders. Our vision at Int Labs is to empower people to imagine, and build innovative solutions for the world. We understand innovation.

Connar Stratton, Co-founder

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Aditya Subiyakto, Director

Ricky Willianto, Co-founder

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Adinda Savitri, Director

our culture and values

act with integrity

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We believe that innovation can change the world, but without integrity, innovation can be a destructive force. Whether it's the clients we work with, or projects we develop, integrity is essential.

focus on interactions

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Innovation is ultimately driven by humans, for humans. We are experts at keeping humans in the equation, whether it's the transformative products or experiences that we create.

listen to intuition

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Our collective knowledge and experience contributes to honing our intuition. We start by coming up with a hypothesis using our heuristics, and intuition.

leverage intellect 

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Int Labs builds knowledge into everything we do, helping our clients generate relevant thought process and framework for different situations.

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