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Building the next generation of leaders with a regional telco

Problem to be solved:

  • Develop a future-ready generation of leaders, who are not afraid to take risks


  • 1-year long learning, and development journey with 3 labs, virtual coaching, and psychometric assessments for 70 leaders


  • 4 prototypes granted 10k SGD each, implemented back in the company

  • Rated 89% on workshop effectiveness, relevance, and impact

  • Rated 92% on challenged deeper thinking

Have a look at our final hybrid innovation workshop in action

"Provoked me to think deeply and helped me realise who I want to be. Gained clarity of my North Star which will guide me through my life journey"
"I love that there were several skill sets tackled in this workshop- highly practical tools where shared"
"[They] kept breaking my assumptions and led me to think deeper and deeper, beyond my comfort zones. "


During the COVID-19 pandemic, regional telcos lost between 10 to 25% of their revenue, largely due to the absence of international roaming. Although broadband usage increased almost 60% yoy, broadband is now a common commodity, with almost no margins to speak of.

A telco, we'll call 'SpaceTel', weathered the storm, cutting costs, and consolidating their business. Getting out the other end of COVID-19, they knew the future of communication would be drastically different to the current reality. Although it's still not clear whether this would be a Web3.0 or Metaverse future, it's clear that the organisation needs to start creating more innovative, and agile leaders.


With help from Int Labs, SpaceTel started a 1-year long behaviour-change journey, focused on bringing out the 'Challenger' spirit of their leaders.  All great solutions start by uncovering the deep customer need. We interviewed leaders across the organisation to map the 'from', and 'to' behavioural shifts that we aimed to achieve through the learning journey. These behavioural shifts were mapped to business outcomes and formed the bedrock for the entire year.


1-year long learning journey overview


We partnered with the world’s largest psychometric tools provider, and the world’s fastest growing virtual coaching platform to create a multi-faceted learning journey that would allow us to achieve the behavioural shift that we wanted to see.

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-30 at 1.09.53 PM.jpeg

Int Labs's partners, Connar and Aditya, with participants after graduation

Acting as the main facilitators for the programme, we developed and led: 

  1. Blast-off call - Kick-off call with participants

  2. Manager briefing call - Briefing call with managers, outlining how they can best support their reports

  3. Self leadership lab - Introspective reflection on what their True North is, and how failure has personally led to their success

  4. Business lab - Understanding the broader industry landscape and the organisation’s strategy to exploit the market conditions 

  5. Innovation lab with graduation - Using innovation tools to dissect customer problems, create prototypes and implement the solutions back in the organisation


The self leadership lab aimed to normalise failure in the organisation. We started by taking the leaders through their greatest successes, and failures, all accumulating to the leader who they are today. Combining their leadership lifeline, strengths, workview, and lifeview, we defined their personal North Star. The North Star reminds them what their greater purpose is. We then provided them with some habit building and prioritisation tools to better fulfil their North Stars.


The business lab grounded the leader back in the organisation. Just like individuals, organisations also have a North Star. Leaders also looked at the trends, industry landscape and what the company needs to do to respond to those trends effectively. Finally, the leaders started to define a problem statement they would like to work on for the innovation lab.


During the final innovation lab, teams developed prototype solutions that they tested with end customers, and eventually pitched to the senior leadership team. Four of those prototype solutions were granted funding and were implemented back in the organisation.

ricky and friends full uncut.png

Ricky (Partner) and the client team after preparing their solution pitch

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